Saturday, August 1, 2009


I'm a good luck charm. If you date me and we have any sort of relationship, odds are, you'll get someone else. I've been the send-off thrice and all the girls I've dated are now married with the exception of one girl, who would surprise me to be in any sort of lasting marriage anyway. There's always an exception I suppose.

My luck also rubs off in the short term. Yes, if you travel with me not only will you have a fun time, but you'll also get some unattached loving. There's only two criteria: I have to be dead asleep and I have to be nearby. Nearby as in inches away from you and your lovely friend. Yes, yes it is true; I have four friends that can vouch for this. You're welcome, and you owe me ;)


julieb said...

dear sam yam,
rumor has it your in provo and will be attending mindys bbq tonight.
because if you are, i am, and we can hang out. who hoo!

Portia said...

Thanks for the shout out, Sam. I am laughing so hard right now.

Portia said...

"Non Committal Make Out With Sam Yam Around" ??

Kate said...

I just tend to introduce people who end up getting married. Only one of my exes is married... perhaps if you are my ex, the likelihood of you getting married goes down... maybe because you never get over me!

Myrna said...

Too funny! There are a few MAD librarians who think this about themselves--you are not alone!