Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Which one?

My insatiable appetite to dance has lead me to be a little creative in finding ways to dance especially since I moved up here to Canada. This past summer I hosted a few dance parties. I just put together a playlist of songs that would blow the mind of crowd and press play. And now after those dance parties, couples are asking me to "DJ" their weddings. I'm upfront with them, I'm not a DJ, but I can put together a playlist that would rock their socks. The only thing now is I need legit legal music and good speakers.

So I need my small handful of blog-followers help.

I've already decided on these Yamaha StagePas 500 speakers (Unless of course someone knows better, let me know). But I don't know which package would be the best economically or the most bang for my buck.

Big package with all the accessories I need, no need to shop more.

Same package minus the covers for the speakers.

Small package with just the stands

Cheapest deal, but no stands at all and I have to pay for shipping. The others I don't.

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