Friday, November 14, 2008


I can't sleep at night. Whenever I get really stressed out, I procrastinate going to bed because I just hate lying there at night worrying. So I just stay up until I'm exhausted and my physiological will to sleep overcomes my emotional will to stay up. This upcoming Tuesday I fly into Salt Lake City to interview for my US citizenship. I'm extremely excited at the prospect of becoming a US citizen. Even the thought about it gets me quite emotional because of how much this country has done for me and how I long to be a part of it because everything I love is in the States. The interview consists of a civics test, an English test, questions about my background and an overall judgement of my moral character. The civics test will be a breeze; they ask basic questions about US government, history and Constitution. The English test is just a dictation test, I hope my 25 years of English language speaking will serve me well. The questions about my background won't be a problem as well because I consider myself to be of high moral character. However, there's one question that is keeping me up: "When was the last time you left the United States?" "Yesterday." I know this will begin a discussion about why and where and for how long I've been out of the country. I talked to an immigration lawyer who just counseled to be as honest as possible and hope for the best. I was hoping he'd give me a silver bullet.

My friends and family in the States have been so supportive. It means so much to me to have them part of my life. I've even gone as far as to asking some to pray for me, the interviewer and the interview. My co-workers in Canada are hoping I don't pass so I stay in Canada and it's really upsetting. I am hopeful I do well, but the realist in me instills a degree or fear and worry. How do I get rid of that? How do I become so confident that I believe or even know I will pass? And if that's possible, how do I then make it so I don't come across haughty and pious. This is the interview of my life. More important to me than my interview in February that gave me a jump start my career and brought me up here in the first place. I hope for the best on Wednesday.

I hope that the result will be similar to Apu's:

Hopefully it won't turn out like Groundskeeper Willy did:
The Simpsons


faith said...

sam, we wish you the best in your interview. we'll look forward to hearing how it goes. best of luck.
the cotterells

Sharee and Court said...

Good luck with your test! I am sure you will do great!