Sunday, December 7, 2008


Sometime around February this year, my friend Austin Craig called me over to his computer and showed me this:

I was blown away. My brain was in visual and auditory overload; it was a flood of dozens of 10 second childhood TV memories infused with color and sound in a nostalgic 80's orgy of audio-visual candy. I ran home, went onto iTunes and downloaded the whole album Cross by Justice. My very first iTunes purchase by the way. The album was on repeat in my iPod for months. My latest play count for DVNO on iTunes is 147. Obsessed? Definitely.

But being introduced to DVNO was only the start. It kindled a fire for dance music. Ultimately I hosted a Porchapalooza where Kid Theodore played on my balcony and a dance party ensued in my room and on my porch this past summer, with DVNO as the final song.
It continues on. As I've moved up here to Canada, the dancing opportunities are few and far between. But I do what I can. There are cool people up here in Canada that can dance to a beat and have the same fun. Heather is one of them, and she keeps things cool and has memorialized this song for me with a wicked Christmas gift.
Thanks Austin, Heather and everyone else in between.


Portia said...

Yay!I love that shirt! And I LOVE that you introduced me to Justice. I Love Sam Yam!

Mister Brock said...

I think we should sing DVNO at your funeral.