Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Last night

I've been doing pretty well going to bed earlier now that I'm not on facebook anymore. Last night I was ready for a good night's rest but I failed miserably. My childhood desires got the best of me. Two days ago my friend Jessica and I made double chocolate chip cookie dough. It was yummy. We didn't have time to bake it so I put the dough in the fridge and left it for later to bake. I found it the next day, yesterday, dried out because I didn't put a cover on the bowl. I put water in it and mashed it up and I left it out to thaw and mix, then I left for work. I got home later that day and to see the cookie dough waiting for me, enticing me to partake of its delectable goodness. It was as delicious as the day it was conceived. I put some dough on baking pans and baked some all the while enjoying the prebaked ripened chocolate doughyness. I ate some of the final product, even shared it with the guys upstairs and went to bed. 2 am and revenge is upon me. I'm moaning and groaning in bed, not wanting to leave the warmth of my slumber station but my innerds are rebelling and I had to go. Three times this misery happened last night. This morning I was scared to eat anything, worried that Cocoas Cookie Revenge would come upon me. Fortunately three strikes and it was out. I survived the day. Are you surprised that I would do it all again if I had the chance? I hope the guys upstairs are okay. And I don't know what to do with the left over cookie dough that I didn't use. Stay tuned.


Julianne said...

Ha ha that sucks! I stayed up all night too, but that was because I got home at like 1, then decided to do some 'light reading' at 6 am this morning, I finished the book.
I wish I could have had cookie dough though.

Kate said...

I'll help you eat the rest of it. Invite me over after choir please.

Austin said...

Ugh. Sorry man. Sorry.