Monday, March 23, 2009

My Lenten Fast

Four years ago MJ introduced me to Lent and every year since I've chosen a few things here and there to fast from. My first year it was ice cream. Instead consuming ice cream I bought a case of Mandarin Oranges, put them in the freezer and ate them for almost the entire length of Lent, until I hit my frozen Mandarin Orange threshold and I couldn't continue. The next year I fasted from meat. That fast went so well that I went about a month longer. I ended my fast having a juicy fatburger in the Cougareat. I went home that day feeling nauseatious and later puked my guts out from both ends. I thought it was just my body rebelling against the red meat. Turns out the meat wasn't exactly cooked. Last year it was ice cream again, my biggest vice. This year: facebook. It's actually going great. It may have been the ceremonial pancakes on Shrove Tuesday that have helped me. My apartment is cleaner, I'm doing better at work. Life is good. Lent is really good for me.

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