Saturday, February 21, 2009


I could've died today. Three seconds is all the difference it would have taken to critically injure or kill me. I was at major road in town today that had a pedestrian cross walk and since it wasn't an intersection, it had a pedestrian light to stop traffic . I push the button to stop traffic and to let me cross. Cars come to a halt in two of the four total lanes in the road. I'm halfway across the street when a car rushes by behind me going 50-60 mph in the empty lane. It didn't even notice. I am spared another day.

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Julianne said...

That's how that girl died in Provo! Remember she had just gotten engaged and it was like the week before Christmas and she was crossing by the football stadium, and 2 lanes stopped, but then she got hit by another car. Be more careful Sam Yam! I still plan on randomly showing up in Canada someday, how can I do that if you are dead? No one would answer the door.