Sunday, February 1, 2009

Canadian Law

Tonight I was driving home from Calgary with Ashley Flick after a lame dance party when I got pulled over for speeding. After the officer got my drivers license and grilled me about all my missing car documents, he went back to his car.

It quickly dawned on me that I could get in a lot of trouble for this ticket. My car is still registered to Utah, not Alberta, my drivers license is still from Utah, not Alberta, both of which I'm required to have within three weeks of moving to Canada, I didn't have proof of insurance, or current proof of registration, I only had the old registration. I know, I'm a complete moron. My speeding ticket would have cost me $280 if he clocked me at 40 kilometers over, but that's not including driving an unregistered Albertan car, driving without proof of insurance and driving without any proof of current registration. Flick and I were thinking this ticket would cost me around $1,000 and the cop could very well take us to jail.

We concluded all this in the five minutes that he was gone. He returned to my car sooner than expected, opened up my door, threw back my drivers license and old registration and said he needed to attend to a call, then shut my door and sped off in a hurry. We were in utter shock at what just transpired. I got off that ticket clean. Miracles happen everyday.


Julianne said...

And I bet you still won't get that stuff taken care of.

Pickett said...

You know what happened, right? The cop ran your license and saw that you were a registered Bad Mother Fucker and got scared for his life. Either that--assuming he can't read the big, bolded headlines at the top of your record--or the voice of God filled his car, told him of sins he was sure that no one else knew about, and threatened immediate emasculation by means of His Divine Scissors.

faith said...

congrats. for whatever reason, nice to be off the hook.