Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ben Folds Sing Star Style

I hate a cappella music. It's often cheesy, screechy, annoying and embarrassing to watch. I love Ben Folds, his lyrics are relatable, his melodies are hummable and he scores an even balance of simplicity and sophistication in his music. Combine something that I hate with something that I love and it turns into something I can somewhat swallow. I discovered this competition that Ben Folds is doing with a cappella groups performing his music. The best groups get to be on a Ben Folds cover album. Clever marketing ploy on his part. So I look over his list on youtube and here are my favorites, and then some:

Don't click play if vulgarity offends you. You've been warned:


Kenji said...

I usually have no feelings about your posts, but this one make me hate vocal point, and anyone like them even more than I already did.

Pickett said...

My God, Sam. I love you.

I also share with your disdain for a capella groups, and I can feel confident in saying that because I was in some ensembles in high school. That being said, that version of Bitches Ain't Shit made my morning. I love their pastel tennis outfits. Beautiful!