Wednesday, October 8, 2008

6th Grade and Beyond

I was thinking about 6th grade today (or as Canadians like to call it: Grade 6), mainly because I teach 6th grade band, my students are quite a handful and my thoughts were drawn to my 6th grade days with Mrs. Casdorph. Boy I hated her because of her inequality, ego, and ruthlessness. She felt she was entitled to teach without a formal degree in education because she was a mother. By the way, my parents wasted their money to send me to a private school where irrational thinking like that is allowed.

She's actually a small reason why I'm teaching because even at that age, I thought I could do a better job than her. I hope I'm right. Sometimes I feel like I'm the Mrs. Casdorph in these kids' lives. I hate disciplining, I hate being a jerk, I hate being a hard case. There has to be another way. Thanks Mrs. Casdorph for teaching me life's valuable lessons.

My 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Casdorph


Mister Brock said...


Sharee and Court said...

Emphasize the good that your students do and they will do more of it.

Anonymous said...

Hit them and they will do more of it.

Or am I?

Ok, really, thats not funny... Or is it?

Pickett Family said...

SamYam. . .Laura Webb Pickett here. That is awesome that you are a band teacher in Canada. I always knew you would do great things :). All my best band memories have you in them. . .hello San Diego. Anyway my friend, its great to read your blog. Peace out and cheers. Lar