Monday, October 13, 2008

Peggle Peggle Peggle

I have a new peggle high score: 25,527,620

But just as incredible are the amazing things that happen just from blogging. It all started with my previous peggle shout-out. Then I get this comment on my blog from Xuyen Nguyen from, the makers of Peggle. He commented:
Although, it is unfortunate that you did not pass Statistics the first time, I am extremely glad to hear that you passed it the second time around and became a Grand Peggle Master at the same time! Your scores certainly merit that honor and we'd definitely like to thank you for blogging about us! I'd love to send you a copy of Peggle Nights and try to become a Grand Master in the sequel! Let me know what you think!

Thanks again,
Xuyen Nguyen
I was stunned that someone from Peggle-land gave me a kudos about Peggle. It was like an angel visitation thanking me for paying my ten percent and giving me manna as a kind gesture.

So of course I reply back and this was our conversation:
Xuyen Nguyen,

I am delighted to hear from your comment on my peggle blog. How did you find it? If your offer for Peggle Nights still stands, I would love to take you up on it! Thank you!

And his response:

Someone on our customer service team actually discovered it and brought it to my attention (I do a of outreach to bloggers). Your story is fantastic! And I’m glad you ended up passing the class in the end ;)

Yes, we would love to send you a copy of Peggle Nights, and I would also love for you to join our exclusive invite-only blogger group! The group is intended to thank bloggers for blogging about us! It is extremely small and I would communicate with you periodically asking your input on new products and/or anything related to Peggle! Please let me know if you’re interested!
Of course I'm interested. So not only do I get a copy of Peggle Nights, but I'm now a member of this exclusive invite-only blogger extravaganza party-like-it's-1999 group! The moral of the story: Failing your stats class because of peggle pays off in the short and long run.


Pickett said...

That is so kickass I can hardly believe it. I also am a Peggle Grand Master, you'll have to tell me how Nights is.

Austin said...

After you showed Peggle to me, I actually avoided it because it looked so fun. Can't afford to sink my days and nights into a game. Gotta graduate, you know.

Julianne said...

SAM! I was the first person to tell you about Peggle nights!! This is ridiculous! Did you only get one copy? Because I am saddened by the fact that I do not have Peggle nights, when you come to Provo in the future, bring your laptop so we can duel. Loser buys the cookies.

matthew said...

Holy Crap Sam, you are now the Ultimate Grand Master and we will have a statue erected in your honor for the next Peggle Tournament.

shaner said...

Sam, I had no idea that you love peggle! I was addicted to it too along with my whole research lab last year. I wish I knew what my high score was. If I blog about peggle can I get on the invite only group too? Just a thought.