Thursday, October 9, 2008


I love people who are passionate about the things they do. There is something about them that just exudes life. It's easy to see passionate people as they really are because you are actually seeing their true selves, not just a facade. And their connections are much deeper. Just a few people that I know that exemplify this:

Austin Craig
Dave Peterson
Melanie Orton
Nathan Robbins
Logan Bradford
Ryan Darton
Kara Stowers
Crystal Young-Otterstrom
Colbi Crawford
Kenji Hood

Well I've been watching these inspiring talks on and of course, I've been inspired. What is ted about? Well they can explain it better than I can. But to try to sum it up, TED tries to make the world a better place by sharing ideas from our greatest thinkers. These people are world leaders in their fields. They love what they do and their drive, ambition, hard work and passion is changing the world. They are true, real and passionate. Some of their talks will outrage you, some of them will make you smile, all will leave you inspired.


kawah stowahs said...

I loved Chopin. I didn't make it through cow though!

Austin said...

Shucks, mister. Thanks.
P.S. I LOVE TED talks.

Mel said...

i'm touched sam yam.

Mister Brock said...

I totally adore the TED talks. I dream of attending one day.