Saturday, June 27, 2009

36 hours

6:30: Wake up, have a cuddle party with my friends sleeping over
8:40: Work, organize my office, chew the fat with other teachers, make some phone calls, meet with a student and a parent, write up some evaluations, send some a boss.
16:00: Go home
16:45: Meet up with Flick, finish up our playlist
17:30: Listened to music, facebooked, blogged, blah blah blah
18:45: Went to the Cheesecake Cafe with Graham, Kelsey, Heather and Evan
20:00: Choir practice
21:20: Headed over to the tunnel to set up for our dance party
22:05: DANCE

00:30: Last four to dance, went to Macs to get slurpees then all our cars
1:15: At Amanda's to watch Mystic River
1:20: Fell asleep, only got 5% of the movie
3:00ish: Woke up to see the DVD player start Mystic River again, stayed awake to see 95% of Mystic River
5:30ish: Talked about how much we liked the movie, tried to go to sleep again, couldn't, decided to go to Tim Hortons
6:30: Breakfast at Tim Horton's
8:00: Got home, more cuddle partying with my friends staying over
8:40: Left for Magrath to volunteer for the Yard Sale
11:30: Went to Napa auto parts for a new thermostat for my car
12:00: Napping party
14:00: Woke up, Phase 10 party with my friends upstairs
15:46: Writing this blog
18:00: Hay Hay's wedding reception
19:30: Concert in the Park
22:00: Dance party at the Henotic

I love summers.

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