Thursday, June 11, 2009

My two new roommates

I moved upstairs from my basement suite in April and loved it. Then I spent two months in my new found space (3 bedrooms and 2 floors) all to myself and loved it. Then to cut costs I skeptically let two brothers move in to take up the other two rooms. And guess what??? I love it! They're not bad at all! I got home today and they had a sandwich ready for me! Yesterday we played Rock Band! I think my experience last summer with Storm (yes that's his real name), my roommate from hell, kind of jaded me to this whole roommate idea. There is hope for humanity, and it begins with cool roommates.


Portia said...

woot! But can we still have sleepovers?!

Julianne said...

Remember when I used to tan on your balcony? And then it was awkward when I wanted a popsicle and I was afraid of running into Storm? That sucked.