Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bachelor this and bachelor that

I met a cool guy back in August. We were each other's first friend up here in Canada and hung out a lot, then he met a girl and things just fizzled out between us. That's life. I understand. I was honored and surprised when he asked if I would be his best man for his wedding. I was happy to oblige.

Tomorrow he gets married. So tonight I thought I'd do what traditionally the best man does and throw him a bachelor party. We got a group of friends together and went salsa dancing. Much to my surprise again, he was asking girls to dance left and right. It was perfect for him.

On the way back home he innocently says to me, "You know, if we were still hanging out like we did tonight since September, I would be single still." I laughed so hard. Yes I guess my lifestyle is the lifestyle of bachelor. Yes I suppose I enjoy this lifestyle more than that of being married. No I never thought it would prevent others from being married as well.


Kenji said...

you're why I'm still single. my girlfriend will want to meet my friends, she meets you and is like, I don't think I could take your dumbass friends.

Zach and Cecily said...

Yeah but remember when we had that thing? At Classic Skating? And with the ice cream? And the Pepperwood Guard shak? And the cuddle quadrant with Justin in the middle of the night while watching your mom garden? You sly dog.
Have I missed anything?

Portia said...

You didn't keep me single.. although I wish you would have.