Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hello Summer

Today was the longest day of the year. I'm still not used to the amount of sunlight we get up here. Dawn starts breaking at about 4 am and it's still dusk at 10:30 pm. Regardless of the not being used to the extremely long days, I love it! I heralded summer in by having a sleepover party in a little grass bowl called the Sugar Bowl. Me and nine other friends got blankets and set up camp in the bottom of the field, rolled down the hill, had a dancing party, had a pillow fight and took a nap.

Actually this weekend was quite good. Friday night I played trombone in a contemporary jazz ensemble in a local night club in town. Then hit the last part of a church dance where they played MGMT, Daft Punk among others. I was surprised; I was blown away actually. Then had a sleepover party with some friends where I only got about two hours of sleep. Had breakfast with more friends Saturday morning, lounged around all day Saturday, went to a baseball field where there was a BBQ and kickball going on, then went back to the Slice to listen to more jazz...then to my second sleepover party in the Sugar Bowl. I'm quite content.

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